3 ways to book a G1 test Ontario

At most DriveTests, you can join the line in 3 ways and pass your exam.
  1. Call the nearest DriveTest Centre DriveTest near me
  2. Register on the drivetest.ca website
  3. Walk into the center. You can find here
g1 written test booking
DriveTest Changes
There is implementing 4th way
At the moment, the DriveTest is implementing an electronic line by QR-code. The Electronic line completed implemented only in 2 DriveTests (Metro East DriveTest and Brampton DriveTest).

the official mto driver's handbook
How 4th way works?
Find QR-code your DriveTest
By QR-code you join the line online any time starting from 7 am
Wait for your turn
You receive a notification 15 minutes before your turn
Your turn
You go and pass your exam