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In Ontario, if you are applying for a G1 driver's license, you will need to pass a vision test. This vision test is commonly referred to as the "eye exam for G1 test."

Each vision test takes only a few minutes. The vision test is designed to ensure that you have adequate visual acuity to safely operate a vehicle. During the vision test, you will be asked to read aloud (or writing or using sign language) a series of letters or numbers that get visually smaller in size as you work through the test, to determine how well you can see.

If you wear glasses or contacts, you will need to bring them with you to the test, as you will be tested with and without corrective lenses. The eye exam for the G1 test is a mandatory requirement and must be completed successfully in order to obtain your G1 driver's license.

It is necessary to demonstrate the ability to correctly read numbers and letters in English to confirm visual acuity. Common mistakes on a vision exam include people confusing the letters 'w' and 'v', 'w' and 'y', 'j' and 'g', 'c' and 'k'. Making such errors can result in failing the eye exam, so it is better to ask someone from your family to check you before the exam. Focus on the task at hand, carefully read and pronounce the numbers and letters in English. During the vision test as part of the vision exam, it is crucial to be attentive. The examiner will assess your visual acuity and your ability to correctly identify and read numbers and letters. Pay close attention to each symbol presented and ensure that you pronounce them accurately. Mistakes or inaccuracies can affect your results and potentially lead to a negative outcome. Stay focused, take your time, and approach each symbol with care to demonstrate your attentiveness and accuracy during the vision test.

Vision screening device This device is typically employed as part of the driving examination to evaluate visual acuity and ensure that the driver can clearly see road signs and objects on the road.

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Eye vision test G1 exam 2023 Ontario
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