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In Canada, you can select your language on a G1 exam: english, french, spanish, chinese, pesian, russian!

Upon arriving in beautiful Canada, many families are faced with an important task - obtaining local driver's licenses. However, for some family members, including wives and children, language proficiency in this country may not come naturally.

For them, it becomes a true challenge, causing a lot of worry and uncertainty. Preparing for a driving exam in an unfamiliar language is terrifying, as not only do they have to learn 300 questions on a new topic, but also in a different language. This creates anxiety and uneasiness, with the language barrier becoming an insurmountable obstacle.

At the same time, everyone understands that in Canada, being without a car is difficult, as it is necessary for getting around independently, regardless of being a husband or a father.

Understanding the feelings of others and analyzing the situation in order to help people, we have developed a mobile application for obtaining driver's licenses in Canada, available in Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Persian, and French languages.

Know that in Canada, you have the full right to use your native language when it comes to road rules, as the government's top priority is to ensure your understanding of signs, regulations, and your ability to drive safely.

In Ontario, Canada, there are three stages of obtaining a driver's license: G1, G2, and G.
The G1 license is the first stage and is obtained after passing a written test on the rules of the road and traffic signs. With a G1 license, the driver is only allowed to drive when accompanied by a fully licensed driver who has at least four years of driving experience, and the driver cannot drive on certain highways or between midnight and 5 a.m.
The G2 license is the second stage and is obtained after passing a road test. With a G2 license, the driver has more privileges than with a G1 license and can drive without an accompanying driver on most roads. However, there are still restrictions, such as not being allowed to drive between midnight and 5 a.m. and not being able to have any alcohol in their system while driving.
The G license is the final stage and is obtained after passing an advanced road test. With a G license, the driver has full driving privileges and can drive without any restrictions. However, it's important to note that all drivers in Ontario must still follow the rules of the road and practice safe driving habits at all times, regardless of their license class.

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G1 test ontario russian. G1 test ontario en español
In our apps you can select your native language!